Saturday, 31 August 2013

ox tongue,in gravy with spuds, carrots and cabbage

Hi guys this was the kids dinner last night.

to make this I used

Ox tongue i found in the freezer reduced to 18p
spring greens reduced to 54p used about 1/6 of this so 9p
carrots 20p
gravy 10p
value potatoes 40p

total cost 97p or 32p per portion.

These are the came carrots from the chilli so i cooked them all up and will freeze the rest.

Spring greens are great I tell my kids it's cabbage because well it is more or less, i can usually get this reduced and if not you still get alot more for your money than a cabbage most of the time. I also cooked all this up and will freeze some.

I just boiled the spuds nothing special there. (bring to the boil and then turn the ring off and keep a lid on the pan to save electric or gas, i did this with everything)

I ripped the ox tongue into small pieces threw into a casserole dish covered with gravy and popped it into the oven for 15mins.

All plates were cleared after having extra cabbage and extra carrots :)

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