Friday, 30 August 2013

Healthy turkey chilli

Hi everyone sorry i haven't posted in awhile I've been so busy spending money i shouldn't have and getting the kids ready for going back to school. However I'm jumping aboard the frugal wagon once again.

So first up turkey chilli you will need

800g Turkey mince £3.50
3 large carrots 20p
onion 10p (I forgot this in the picture)
kidney beans 27p (mine were 19p as I've had them awhile)
2 cartons of passata 29px2= 58p (mine are tesco finest which are half price normally i use basic/value i only have 1 1/2)
optional- peppers or cherry tomatoes (i got these reduced so threw a few in-i like to add different textures but this is fine without it)
spices 25p

Total cost £4.90 this makes 8 good sized portions so 61p per portion.

First dice you onion and grate you carrot.

I used to have a pampered chef chopped that meant i could do all this in seconds but the blades warped and since i have 2 working hands i can't justify a new one.

My carrots were abit past there best but i peeled them and they were fine (it's perfectly fine to just wash and not peel carrots, if there oraginic even better)

Add to pan.
Add mince- as a general rule i do the same amount of veg to meat.
Brown mince
Add well rinsed kidney beans.
Add passata
Add spices.

All my spices are very cheap, I usually get chilli powder from lidl but these ones were 2 for £2 not long ago.
I use so little garam masala that that pots over a year out of date!
Salt and pepper gringers came from home bargains they are 89p each. fresh ground pepper makes everything taste nice, and this garlic and sea salt one is lovely ground over chips!

Add a pinch of everything and a teaspoon of chilli powder for a milk taste. Adjust to your own tastes.

Then simmer away for around 40min.

This recipe is perfect for the slowcooker, but as it's going to be my lunch i did it in the pan. To slowcooker you can just throw it all in adding some extra water, 6hrs on low should do it(don't worry if your away longer it will be fine), some people brown there mince for the slowcooker I don't bother.

Thats it for me today. See you all tomorrow where i will show you all the frugal dinner the kids are having tonight :)


  1. I don't eat poultry or meat but it looks yummy! I cannot wait for autumn when it's cooler and chili is back on the menu :-)


    1. It's abit nippy here but i eat chilli and soup all year round unless it's really hot. This could easily be a veggie chilli. if doing it on a budget i recommend lentils and washed baked beans (so just the beans not the sauce).

      I'm on a high protein diet so very few meat free days here.