Thursday, 1 August 2013

Just popping in to say Hi.

Hello everyone.

Been a busy few days as my brother is moving house so trying to get him sorted and my sister was down for a visit so I've been playing taxi.

Spends wise I spent £3.80 in asda on milk, bread and onions. And £12 odd (will need to check the creditcard) in Mcd's on 3 happymeals for the kids and a bigmac meal for my brother...i had a diet coke :)

Savings also took a hit as said brother doesn't acually have any money he's waiting on his jobseekers coming threw. So £190 given to him to he acually has a roof over his head. I say given because lets face it on jobseekers he'll barely keep his head above water so i don't want him to even try pay it back as it will mean he does without.

I have a shopping list done for Tesco to use my vouchers up. The bananas i bought last week didn't last too well now my house stinks of overripe bananas and i have fruit flies which i don't usually have :(

Payday tomorrow need to keep it for my first car payment of £322 on the 10th so no more spending here other than shopping.

Food wise today

Breakfast- poached egg on toast
lunch- chicken breast with leftover veggies and brown rice
afternoon- protein shake
dinner- turkey bolognaise served with mixed veg (i'm running low on veg)
before bed-protein shake

breakfast- cornflakes and toast, followed by bananas
lunch-10p reduced salmon fishcakes with a tin of beans and an apple
dinner-turkey bolognaise with spagetti.

Hope you all have a great day. I plan to spend the weekend catching up with washing and sorting my kitchen cupboards out.

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