Friday, 9 August 2013

free dishcloths and buttons

Just a quick post from me today.

The free clothes I got last week were fab, but there was a few wee holes in this shirt so I took the buttons off and cut it up into rags.

This was a belly top....I'm abit old for that so it got cut up as well

I will use these to clean spills off the floors or the bathroom and benches and hubby will use them for the car.

Some people might think this is abit over the top and just go buy dish clothes, but for the amount i got her i would need 2 packets so this has saved me £1.50 and these will actually wash better than normal ones that go out of shape or j-cloths that rip easy. I had this stuff anyway and 2 mins cutting it up didn't kill me. Thats £1.50 more I can save towards my house.

I will keep the buttons in a jar, before you throw anything away cut the buttons off as it could save you buying some at some point and they take up very little room in a jar.

No shopping today as I don't need anything yet, hoping to last until Monday or Tuesday.

Thats it for me today, hope you all have a lovely frugal day.

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  1. I agree this is fabulous to do. Unfortunately, when I first heard of this I meticulously cut up anything old to use as a rag. But the only thing I really used was soft-old t-shirts that I could use as a hanky. When I moved six months ago I had a huge trash bag of cut-up old clothes that had never been used. I tossed it :( ~Pru