Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Slow cooker mince.

I'm sure you've guessed by now but i love my slowcooker. It also really comes into it's own when I forget to lift meat out for dinner. This is what happened on monday.

I added 2 blocks of frozen mince and a large onion half covered with water and switched it on to high. (this mince is around 350g each so 700g here as I had extra to feed and wanted some cooked stuff for the freezer) At around lunchtime I turned it down to low and got out my trusty stick blender I blended it all up, this makes cheap mince seem much much nicer, it's better to do it cooked so it doesn't stick round the stick. at 4pm I added 1/4 bag of value frozen veg mix, and added some extra frozen peas and sweetcorn. at 6 I added gravy and that was it done.

onion 10p
frozen veg-25p
spices 10p

total cost- £3.50

Kids and my brother had it on monday night with some mash. Kids had it yesterday with some some reduced baby new potatoes. and I froze 2 dinners worth for the kids meaning this mince did a massive 13 portions at just 26p each (mondays tea was value potatoes, so meals cost 44p per portion, yesterdays was 34p per portion)

I've stopped buying value mince now I'm dieting but my freezer is still full of it and I don't want to waste it.

Went for spuds last night and found these bargains

I bought loads and they will be the base of tonights dinner, stolen from frugal queens blog here

This will be pretty cheap as I have approved foods cheese sauce mixes. my bacon cost £1.80 tho and is from the freezer so that will bump the cost up abit still as I'm using things up I'm pretty happy about it not costing me anything from my bank or savings.

Hope you all had a lovely frugal day. See you tomorrow.


  1. I love mince w call it on pot in our house I do ours int the slow cooker too. You hav done rally wll with your blog sian i must get back to mine just been working so much trying to gt the ovrtime in while I can

  2. Thanks JEN.

    I'm hoping if i keep posting it will keep me on track as things havent been great lately :(

    I acually did the pictures for most of this week sblog posts on monday because i have a really busy week then i'm writing them when i get a chance to. I love picture heavy blogs and i know lots of people do hence the lots of pictures.

    I do hope you get back to your blog soon i'm subscribed to it so i will look out for a post soon :)

  3. I will do sian just been over run with things to do. Excuse the spelling errors was so tired when i posted and forgot to spell check my post x