Thursday, 8 August 2013

Home made bread and soup

This is the kids lunch today, It's home made soup and home made bread.

Bread recipe is pinched from a girl called jacks blog. It has a wheaten bready feel to it and tastes nothing like soda bread in my opinion, that doesn't mean it isn't nice.

The soup well...i made butternut squash soup a few weeks ago and froze it, turns out my kids don't like it.

To make the butternut squash soup

I sweated 2 onions and some garlic powder, added in the squash (which i micoowaved to make it easier to peel from the skin) covered in stock and simmered for 20mins.

To make today's soup I heated it up and threw in a jar of finest passata that i got on offer and that's it. and much healthier than a tin of soup :)

Also stolen from a girl called jack are these

There like mini scones with raisins and pineapple in them and very yummy.Jack puts carrots in hers.

I made 12 and with no carrots these worked out at just, 4p each, probably less since i got my flour on 3 for 2 :)

Thats it for me today, hope you all have a lovely frugal day.

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  1. I love Jack Monroe's blog but have only tried her mushroom risotto recipe. Need to try out some of the bread/sweet ones since I am getting back into baking. ~Pru