Monday, 5 August 2013

Happy monday! Crustless quiche

Well first off i very stupidly ordered Chinese last night!! i just got lazy and ordered it without think, Realised after I'd ordered it but by then it was too late! So £5.50 spent and no more being lazy here!

I've been busy in the kitchen. I will show you the recipes over a few days.

First up today's lunch, crustless quiche. Now as you know I'm dieting so pastry and cheese are a no go, so i made this

So simple spray the pan with fry light and add any veggies you have. I had frozen fine green beans, frozen broccoli

Frozen peppers that i lifted out to make freezer space and 2 mushrooms, lightly fried

Trip it all into your dish.

These were dated today so i used them all, you could use 6 and more milk if you like.

Cover all the veg and sprinkle with pepper.

Cover with tin foil and cook in the oven for 15 mins at 180 then make the tin foil off and just keep cooking till its' firm. in this case it took another 15 mins (don't worry i had other stuff in the oven as well)

It was a very nice very healthy lunch and cost very little

7 eggs- 63p
frozen veg-20p
frozen peppers-50p
milk 10p

Total cost- £1.63 this did 4 of us lunch plus a large portion left over for my lunch tomorrow. 33p per portion.

I'm not an awesome cook but this really couldn't be any easier, so to anyone who's reading who doesn't really cook what have you got to lose by trying? £1.63 will hardly buy you a decent ready meal for 1 never mind feed 5 so give it a try.

This freezes really well if wrapped in cling film.

Hope you all have a lovely day i will be back tomorrow to tell you about my baking :)

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