Sunday, 1 September 2013

Small Spends September

Hi everyone setting myself a small challenge your all welcome to join in if you like.

In Septemeber i will..

Go whoospie shopping once a week.

Not eat out except for the girly night out planned at the end of the month.

Use up as much food in my freezer as possible (look out for some strange recipe posts)

Keep my weekly spends under £80- £30 desil, £14 to school and £20 personal training leaves £16 for food.

Keep my food spends as low as possible. hopefully whoospie shopping will help if not the freezer and cupboard will.

List 5 items a week on ebay or local selling pages, 99p is better than nothing.

Do a small batch cook every week with dinners for the kids, week 1 spag bol, week 2 stew, week 3 sheperds pie, week 4 potatoe bake, week 5 sausage casarole and so on.

Go shopping with a list every week and stick to it unless it's a very reduced item.

Take a bottle of water with me everywhere i go and aim to drink 4 bottles a day, my bottle holds a litre.

Go for a walk every Sunday afternoon with the kids and possibly the dogs providing it's not pouring down (we have no tow bar on our new car so not sure how that would work)

Make as few trips to town as possible, kids are back to school, and we go in to the gym so hoping my desil costs won't go up too much.

Keep a running total of all moneys spent and all extra moneys earners from selling stuff (I've already sold £37.50 worth of stuff)

Post of my blog everyday, even if it's just to say hello and let you all know i haven't fallen off the savings wagon.


Wish me luck i'll be back here at the end of the month to let you all know how i got on.


  1. Good luck Sian! Your list all sounds doable with some careful planning. Unfortunately, this will be a (planned) spendy month for me. Aside from where I have to spend, I will be watching every penny and stretching it as far as I can.


  2. Thanks Pru. Sadly I don't have many pennies to spend so not spending them will be easy enough. However i've used £20 of desil already :(

  3. Fuel is just so expenisive . Good luck with small spends September x