Friday, 2 August 2013

Shopping done!

Do you like my lovely roses? they cost 20p down from £10.

Ok so shopping went slightly over my goal of £32 but only because i made a few changes for reduced items. My shopping is below

I couldn't get it all into 1 picture so heres more

And heres a list of what i got 

2 boxes of dishwasher tablets
2 rolls of bin bags
3 tins of rice pudding
4 tins of custard
7 jars of finest passata
2 tins of sardines
5 tins of spagetti
1 tin of pineapple *they only had 1 i had 3 on my list so i got peaches instead)
2 tins of peaches
5 tins of oranges
2 pots of gravy
4 boxes of cornflakes
5 bottles of squash
1 bag of frozen fine cut green beans
frozen waffles
2 frozen brocolli
2 frozen peppers
1 bag of grated cheese
15 eggs
1 bag of sweet potatoes
1 bag of apples
2 bags of bananas
1 punnet of mushrooms
1 net of tomatoes
4 litres of milk 
1 bar of soap

Then i got reduced 

7 little pots of fruit for 5p each some we're £1.50 some where £1
3 bags of cabbage and leek

Because I got so much cabbage i decided not to get any salad stuff and instead got 5 bags of dried witworth fruit for £2 i really like these and it helps that they are portion controlled.

I got my flowers aswell.

My Total spend after vouchers was £33.56. Oh and i got 88p off my new shop!

Thats it for me today, see you at the other side of the weekend. Hope you have a thrity one.

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