Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Cheats fairy cakes.

Hello everyone. yesterday when i had the oven on I threw in some buns. I've had this packet mix for ages and I'm making a  push to use things up so thats what i did :)

So simple and cheap

These are cheaper than buying sugar to be honest but there actually not sweet enough for me, I got these on 3 for 2 and i think i also used a minimum spend voucher aswell .

Packet mix- 15p
egg- 9p

24p for 12, just 2p each

You just combine it all in a bowl with 50ml of cold water.

Then pop it in greased oven tray.

Kids had a few of these yesterday, I will be doing some custard from a jar I found and some milk powder for pudding.

I have a few more packets of this to use up. Along with lots of other things.

I have an extra mouth to feed all week as i hadn't planned for this I'm completely out of potatoes so i will be going and getting a sack at £1.40 and some tins of value ones aswell. Loads of blogger rave about tinned potatoes. The first time I tried them was cooked straight from the tin and not great, however my kids love them rinsed cooked them cooked for a minute in a knob of butter and there grand in stews and sauces just make sure to wash them first. spuds are so expensive at the moment and every little helps, value instant mash is ok made with milk and a nice big knob of butter aswell but wouldn't be my first choice. I also need some milk and I'm hoping once I get those I won't need much till next week.

Hope you all have a lovely frugal day, I will be back tomorrow with another recipe.

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