Monday, 29 July 2013

Welcome to the other side of the weekend.

Weekends are our worst time for spending so making it out the otherside with low spends is always good for us :)

I usually love mondays because i get to see my savings to up, but not this week :( my tax credits, child benefit and the little bit of leftover pay went straight to the creditcard leaving me with just 40p in one account 87p in another and £4.84 in my purse. I don't need any food until the weekend except for bread which will cost me £1.70 and some milk at £1 so i'm ok.I will get some more money on friday.

Lazy day today, with some cleaning and not alot else, have to nip to town to collect a presciption later but thats about it.

Foodwise today

Me and hubby
breakfast- we slept in he had nothing and i have rice crackers with peanut butter.
morning snack-protein shake and a banana
lunch-baked sweet potatoe with half a chicken breast and some leftover green beans
afternoon snack-protein shake
dinner-chicken breast with whatever veg i can find in the freezer and some bbq sauce
before bed-protein shake

lunch- cheese sandwichs, banana/apple
dinner-meatballs and spagetti, rice and oranges
Snacks will be the usual fruit or maybe even a kitkat (homebargains do 10 kitkats for £1)

So thats me for today not much happening infact theres unlikely to be much happening all week.

Hope you all have a lovely frugal day.

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