Thursday, 17 October 2013

slowcooker bread and butter pudding

This is a use up your stale bread without turning the oven on recipe.

Butter your bread, cut into chunks.

Spray your slowcooker with frylight and grease with oil.

Add a layer of bread.

Sprinkle in a good handful of rasins.

Layer on more buttered bread.

At this point i decided to top with chocolate but i usually use rasins, this is just a half a beat up bar of value milk chocolate.

Pour in 2 pints of made up milk powder, turn on low for 2 hours. This doesn't need cooked it just needs helped along.

Serve with custard, I bought this when these were still 6p, I can't get them anymore so normally i use a tin.

I have no after photo I'm afraid and it's all now long gone since I made it on monday.

bread 1/2 loaf 25p
butter 10p
milk powder 20p
raisins (i use value mixed dried fruit) 5p
chocolate 15p
custard 6p/17p

total cost 92p

There was enough pudding here for 4 lots for the kids with another tin of custard, but someone may have dropped the leftovers out of the fridge :( the dogs enjoyed it aswell :)

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