Thursday, 17 October 2013

Pulled pork, a midweek roast

Hi everyone sorry it's been awhile since I posted, I was dealing with sick kids then a sick me :(

I made this a few days ago but only getting round to popping it up now.

For pulled pork you will need

Pork loin or shoulder, I bought a whole pork loin in the butchers for £20 and cut it into 4 so £5 I only used 1/3 of it to feed us all tea so £1.66 however if you can't get this I recommend a tesco pork shoulder, this will set you back back £3 and will do 2 meals as pulled pork.
Oil (I used fry light) 5p
any spices you can lay your hands on (I used pepper, garlic salt, paprika and a wee bit of chilli) 10p

Total for meat £1.81

Add your pork to the showcooker spray with oil, sprinkle on seasonings and rub it in. Add about a cupful of water.

Cook on low for 6hours

after 5 1/2 hours prepare you trimmings we had stuffing I picked up reduced

It had 2 packets in it so my stuffing only cost me 8p and I only used half (watch this space for what i do with the rest) (value stuffing is grand i normally use it)

We had potatoes 40p
carrots 20p
cabbage 30p
gravy 20p
homemade yorkshire puddings 30p

Total cost of trimmings-  £1.48.

Wee tip for you if your cooking alot of veg do it all together, in the pot below I have potatoes and carrots in the pan and cabbage in the colander then the pan lid on top so I don't need 3 different rings.

Excuse the state of my cooker the pan boiled over.

Remove the pulled pork from the slowcooker, normally you let meat rest however it's better to pull it when it's near falling apart, so with 2 forks shred the pork (or you can just cut it up) put it back in the slowcooker and mix with the juices. (i did take a picture of this but now I can't find it)

This is my dinner the one at the top is hubbys, I try to avoid to many carbs in the evenings but I love stuffing and Yorkshires.Kids dinner was long gone before i could get a camera :)

If I was a good blogger I would have shown you how I made my Yorkshires but my ovens abit iffy and doesn't get quite hot enough so it wouldn't be the best demonstration. I will show you one day, when I move.

1/3 of the pork has went in the freezer, the other 1/3 is going in a pie today. You can use this in sandwiches and wraps aswell, add some passata, peppers and sweetcorn and homemade wraps (another thing added to my list to post) top with some cheese and your have burritos.

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