Saturday, 19 October 2013

Leftover pie- pork and stuffing

Pies are awesome for dealing with leftovers. Using yesterdays pastry and the slowcooker pulled pork and stuffing I made a pie :)

Get everything out ready and pre-heat your oven to 180, remember your trying to keep the butter cold, and handle it as little as possible so have everything ready to go.

Cut your pastry in 2 (see still big lumps of butter)

Roll your pastry out to just bigger than your dish (or if yours has a big lip like mine a good bit bigger)

Now you need to add your pastry to your dish, now pastry is very fiddly and breaks easy, aslo your trying not to handle it too much, so fold it in half like this

Then fold it back over your rolling pin like this

Now you lift the rolling pin instead of the pastry.

cover the bowl, remember it's slightly sticky so if your pasrty is too small pinch and offcut from somewhere else and mush it into place.

Add your pork.
Add your stuffing

Add your veg, frozen is fine
Roll out your pastry for the top

Add your gravy (if you add it before it goes in the oven your pie base will be soggy)

Add your top

Brush the top with a beaten egg or milk (I usually just do milk), cut a small hole to let some steam out and put in the oven.

If your having your oven on long enough to cook a pie make the most of it. I added a whole packet of cooking bacon (for tomorrows dinner) and some baked potatoes

cook for 45mins at 180

Then serve, it's a very similar taste to those well known tinned pies, if you want it as fluffy and puffy as that use the whole recipe for the top and fold it and chill. a few more times.

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