Sunday, 6 October 2013

One pot beef casserole and baked potatoes

Hi all,

On friday night we had a house viewing at 5, adding to that it was a Friday and payday I was aware we could fall into a takeaway trap, which with careful planning could be avoided. By the time we got home the kids would need ready for bed and I'm not going to want to cook. so I called on my trusty slowcooker.

It will only be the 2 of us as granny will feed the kids, we have

1/2 a packet of beef frying steak £1.20
4 value potatoes 40p
3 value mushrooms 20p
1 onion 10p
2 value carrots 10p
seasoning 10p
gravy 10p

Wash and chop up all the veg (not the potatoes) and add to the slowcooker along with the meat.Cover with water. add season all or steak seasoning or a stock cube and some pepper.

*my meats frozen it won't make any difference and I've been doing it for years and never got sick.

Cover with a sheet of tinfoil.

Wash your potatoes and cut crosses in them. wrap in tin foil.

Put them on top of the tin foil in your slowcooker.

Pop the lid on and switch to low for atleast 6hours. Mine will be in there all day. Before dishing up stir casserole and add gravy

You won't get nice crispy baked potatoes but they will be cooked.

You can add other root veg to tinfoil and cook it the same as the spuds.

You can even do little parcels of stuffing.

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