Monday, 21 October 2013

Meal plan- week beginning 21/10

Hi all, gonna be a tight few weeks here, Went shopping today and spent £13.78 on

25kg of queens potatoes
2 bags of apples (21 in total)
punnet of pears (6)
bunch of bananas (7)
punnet of strawberries (I took the child with me and he insisted)

I will also need more milk later in the week.

Other than my milk I plan not to spend another single penny. If I stick to this my creditcard will be clear come Monday. So heres the food plans for this week.

breakfast-toast and jam
lunch-noodles with sweetcorn, soy sauce and a wee bit of cheese
dinner-one pot roast chicken dinner (come back tomorrow for this)

breakfast-apple porridge
lunch-soup and bread
dinner-tomatoe pasta bake

breakfast-beans on toast
lunch-baked potatoe
dinner-chicken stew (just like beef stew only leaner)

breakfast-pear porridge
lunch-potatoe and bacon soup (keep your eyes peeled for this recipe)
dinner-gnocchi in tomatoe sauce (find it here thrifty lesley i might use proper mash, I found a packet of instant in the cupboard but i might keep that for an emergency)

breakfast-toast and scrambled egg
lunch-potatoe and bacon soup
dinner-homemade pizza and wedges

lunch-potatoe and bacon soup
dinner-homemade battered chicken nuggets, onion rings and baked potatoes

breakfast-beans on toast (with a fried egg on top if there's any left)
lunch-Sunday dinner at the inlaws
dinner-sandwiches with whatever I can find in the fridge, we'll still be stuffed from dinner.

I will also be making

lesley's oaty bars if i have enough jam (i could stretch to buy a jar if it came to it)

pineapple sponge which is just this with 1/3 of a tin of pineapple in it.

And I will be giving slowcooker bread a go. however i think my yeast is done or else my house is too cold as my bread just isn't rising for me lately.

Lunches during the week are just for me, the kids have dinner in school, the youngest has a snack in school aswell and I send snacks with the older 2 of fruit and some sort of bread product, they aren't allowed sweet stuff or else i'd send a bun/muffin.

As you can see we won't starve this week :) and it won't even make a dint in our food. I will be back next week with a similar list I'm sure.

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  1. Menu plan looks good. You can definitely stick to it. Think how great you'll feel come Monday when the credit card is clear!