Tuesday, 8 October 2013

MIcrowave sponge

I was reading Frugal Queen's blog the other day and she reminded me of microwave sponge this is something we used to make all the time.

It's so easy because it's the same weights so easy to remember and no looking for recipes and it's very cheap. So I've pinched to...sorry froggs

This is all you need (and a mixer which is out of shot and not so much the kettle my kitchen is very small and dark so there gives the best light so i take most of my pictures there)

Mines plain like froggs you can use lemon curd, or jam or golden surup
4oz of flour- 5p
sugar- 10p
2 eggs- 18p
total cost 48p

All prices are value

Basically  throw it all in a bowl and mix it together, being a lazy cook I measured everything into my mixing bowl on the scales and mixed it with a mixer so the only extra cleaning was the bowl I made it in a beaters. I did this including pictures for you lot in the time it took the kettle to boil for my cuppa, and it had done cooking before i'd even finished drinking it so really not having time or it will cause too much washing up is no excuse :)

Pop it in the microwave for 5mins then it will look like this and with all sponges a knife will come out clean if its properly cooked.

The kids had half of these with half a tin of value custard. so total cost per head is less than 11p. The kids might have the rest tomorrow or me and hubby might eat it later ;) it does look yummy

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