Monday, 9 September 2013

Stuck at home all day :(

I woke up to a sickly boy today so it's a day at home, lots of ironing to catch up on! but I am abit gutted i'm missing the gym. Anyway he's tucked up in bed watching a dvd.

I usually go shopping on a monday, now my shopping list for this week is pretty small-bread, milk, ham, salad items, frozen veg. So thats out so i went freezer shopping instead.

Spag bol is in the slowcooker

This will make a good 8 dinners worth for the kids (my slowcooker is massive you can fit 2 small chickens in it)

750g Value mince £2.85
2 packets of soup veg bought fresh reduced and frozen 20p
frozen peppers 30p
2 passata £1.28

total cost £4.68 which is just 19p a portion. I will serve this with value dried spagetti this is a fav meal for our kids and packed full of veggies.

So basically you just throw it all in the slowcooker, half refill the passata jars with water, shake and throw that in aswell so rinse the jar and to add water. cook on low for 6rs.

Remeber this? well i lifted the last 1/3 of it out to cook and use in sandwiches this week aswell.

I also found a packet of pancakes which will do for the none sick kids break at school.

Thats about it i do have some frozen veg and i'll get hubby to grab milk. It's amazing what you can find in your freezer.

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