Monday, 30 September 2013

Welcome to October.

Well September was a complete write off, I had to pinch money from my savings to pay my credit card off and then again to bail a friend out. So savings are down.

However going into October I'm not in a great position either I'm afraid, and to top it off i'm now looking at mortgages! So watch this space for news on that.

Going in I have £750 on my creditcard before I even start,so all spare pennies will be diverted there.Thankfully I've been paying enough to not have any interest however it means I've been using it to live so having to do the same next month, however this months payment is nearly half last months so i must be doing something right.

Gym will be canceled however this won't take effect until the end of next month. As we may be moving it takes longer to cancel it than reinstate it.

Personal training will be stopped after this week.

Food budget is slashed to £100 and the actual aim is £50.

I will list some stuff on ebay.

I have some broken jewelry to go to cash for gold.

I will keep desil costs to a minimum, however we will spend more if we start viewing houses.

I will save any spare pound coins or 50p's I have in a sealed tin, only to be opened when full. this will hopefully pay next years fuel bill.

I will not use the drier unless I have to (and it broke again so I can't, I need to phone and sort that)

and lastly I will think all purchases out properly, if its not food or desil it's not needed.

By the end of this month I'm hoping to have my creditcard sorted (forever) and maybe even have found a house to buy.

In good news £200 added to my savings today :)


  1. Hi Sian! A lot is going on with you. Hang in there and just get through the month.


  2. You can do it sian plenty of freezer diving and goodluck with the mortgadge house/hunting xx

  3. HI Pru and Jen, hope your both doing well, don't worry no-one will ever starve in this house, it's coming down with food.