Thursday, 5 September 2013

Look what I found!


Now this pudding rice has moved house with me, I'm pretty sure I bought it to up a spend so I could use a voucher. Most of the best before date on it has rubbed off all i can make out is the 2012 now rice keeps for ages so that gives you an idea of how old this is. This post is more a method than a recipe as you don't need a recipe.

Pudding rice (I have no clue how much this actually cost i can't even find it on tesco site)
ground cinnamon
skimmed milk powder

I used half the packet of rice. pour it into the slowcooker, and cover with around 4pints of made up milk powder. add a sprinkle of cinnamon. Turn on low and leave for 4hrs.

We all know what rice pudding looks like. If yours looks like this don't leave it in the slowcooker as it will start to burn.

Mines all portioned up ready for puddings. Not including the rice as most people would bin it this cost around 30p. You can buy tins of rice pudding for cheaper but this is good if you want to know whats in your food or use things up or maybe you just can't get out to the shops.You can make this with value rice that costs 40p a bag I have done before but you need to give it a good rinse in warm water first and add extra milk.

You can add brown sugar if you like, skimmed milk powder has sugar in to it so i really didn't want to add more and it didn't need any.

You can make this with normal fresh milk, condensed milk, or even uht.

If you don't like cinnamon i would suggest adding sugar or using a full fat milk to make it creamy.

This is a prefectly acceptable lunchbox idea

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