Friday, 6 September 2013

A whole chicken

Hi all this is a post for Jen over at Stretching the pennies to save the pounds who wanted to know how to cook a chicken well I had this in my freezer.

Which i paid £1.60 for :)

First of pop it on the scales, this says it's 1.37kg it's actually over 1.6kg

As a general rule you cook for 40mins for every 1kg and then an extra 20mins, I rounded mine up to 2 hrs.

Mine already has seasoning but if your cooking a fresh one i like to add the following to a bowl and rub it on (after washing)

teaspoon on veg oil/sunflower oil
sprinkle of paprika,.
garlic salt,
mixed herbs.

Next you wrap in tin foil adding half a cup of water to the bottom, make sure not to wrap it too tight while also making sure the juices/water stays in. And pop in a preheated oven at 180.

20mins before it's done open the tin foil and fold down the sides so the liquid stays in but so the skin can crisp. We don't eat the skin and I don't make stock* so the skin is no use to me so i didn't bother.

You know your chickens done when the juices run clear.

Use the stock to make gravy.

*We don't like proper chicken stock I've tried it a few times with no success so it's really not worth the effort or cost in making it for it to go in the bin.

This chicken will feed 5 for dinner tonight and i will pick the carcass clean and it will do lunch tomorrow for sandwiches and whats left will go into a pasta bake the kids tea tomorrow. Not bad for £1.60

You can cook chicken in the slowcooker, pop it in with a small amount of water on low for 6hrs and off you go :)

I hope this was a help Jen and everyone else. Personally i find chicken breast better value but then I have access to good quality reasonably priced ones. If i was just eating supeermarket ones i'd go for a whole chicken every time.


  1. Thanks Sian it was exactly what i needed i hope you enjoyed you dinner tonight x

    1. I did thank you and your very welcome, now go get blogging missus :)