Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Slowcooker sausage casserole

HI everyone as you all know i love my slowcooker. Today i'm making sausage casserole.

8 sausages- 40p (these are the frozen iceland ones at 40 for £2 these are great for sausage casserole but not for much else)
carrots-20p (these are the carrots i cooked a few days ago)
passtata 29p (mine cost 68p but just showing you my normal costings)
spices 20p- i used paprika aswell as the pictured spices pinch of everything.

Total cost £1.09, this will do the kids 2 dinners so 6 portions 19p, I will serve it with the cabbage I frozen 2p and a tin of potatoes at 13p with a knob of butter 5p- Dinner for the 3 kids will cost 26p each and include 3 portions of veg (passata, carrots and cabbage) you could throw in a tin of kidney beans or washed baked beans aswell if you have any.

Cut sausages length ways and in 4's (so you get 8 pieces per sausage) this is easier slightly frozen, then throw them and everything else in the slowcooker, 3/4 fill the jar of passata to rinse it out and pour that in aswell. Cook on high for 2 hrs or low for 6hrs. Don't open it or poke it too much trust me it's fine.

Sometimes the packet mix is cheaper when you take into account the cost of passata ect but I don't have any and I did have all this. If we were all eating this i would have added an onion but as the kids leave them on the plate it didn't seem worth it.

Lots of people brown meat before slowcookering. i clearly don't :)

Oh the spends from i bought 2 litres of milk and 4 tins of potatoes and 2 tins of tinned spag bol as i noticed it's down to 15p and is a good back up dinner for the kids :)

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