Saturday, 11 May 2013

The downside of weighloss!

Hello everyone been a very busy few days here and also very expensive with a stag fo last weekend, hen do's and wedding coming up.

Well i've lost over 1 1/2 stone now and dropped 2 dresses sizes sadly this has meant that i can no longer get away with a belt on my bigger jeans and my tops looked like tents!!

*thats not me, i wish it was!*

So a trip clothes shopping was needed it cost me £150 to get enough tops, trousers and shirts to last me aswell as replacing all my underwear, then today it cost me another £54 on new trainers (mine are done and leaking but i will keep the old ones for the gym) and new gym clothes.... and you know what i feel great for it. yes i like to save money but not at the expense of my health and happyness and my new clothes are alot more flattering.

All my clothes are very cheap usually ebay or primark and very very well worn and my hubbys are even worse so my mum will be having a dig threw and the rest will go to cash for clothes.

In other news we asked the bank to lend us £10,000 to buy a plot of land, they said no. We were abit annoyed as we have saved double that in a year however banks only take income into account income not savings and give large living allowances for children. So as of today we have shifted all our savings into a credit union account, so watch this space, things could change over the next few months.I will keep you all updated.

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