Monday, 29 April 2013

Cheap family day out and some Freebies!!!

Good morning everyone.

First off weekends are very busy here as it is our only proper family time hence no post.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend we did :)

On saturday we went to a good life festivial which i'm sure lots of you would have enjoyed as it was all about making do a mending, upcycling, gardening and cooking....and it was completely free.

There was no parking at the event but they had a park and ride, we drive our big kids have only been on a bus once and they loved it.

Then we got a few freebies on the way in.

Then it went abit downhill when we decided we'd try the yummy smelling pizza it was £3 for 1/4 of a pizza!! it was very nice but very expensive and it was enough to make me put my purse away for the rest of the day.

They had trapeze shows and people in costumes, the kids seen a wormery and kept saying it was gross so i guess thats a no from us.

Finally we got a horse and cart back to the start, we walked coming in but little 3 year old legs had gotten very tired, again this was all free and they loved it and only £3 spent i took drinks and a bag of crisps with me for the kids and an apple and orange for me and hubby.

Then me and hubby went to see iron man, i'm a very cheap date :) £8 for chinese £10.80 for tickets and £6.50 for popcorn and 2 drinks so not too expensive as a one off, i like most superhero films and hubbys quite good about taking me.

Sunday was spent having dinner at the inlaws so again free.

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  1. That sounds really lovely ! i wonder if they do anything like that here? We do have something called the medway mile, which is a family fitness fun run, and they give out smoothies, really good medals, t shirts for all sizes, a lovely cotton bag and a water bottle, ive signed up for that this year again. Hope you had a lovely bank holiday x