Monday, 27 May 2013

The kids are my undoing!

Today has not went very well moneywise :( the poor creditcard has taken a hit today.

I started off well, i packed a picnic even tho it was raining, checked the was suppose to clear up, set off for the beach, and it was teaming down. Went looking for the soft play area at the beach and it had closed. So asked the kids what they wanted to do and a 45min drive later we were in a chippy that has a soft play area where food cost us £25!! it wasn't even that nice. Then the kids had ice cream at £4!. As we were heading home it started to clear up so we decided to head to dublin zoo.

That was a huge drive from where we were but we had never been. 50euro's to get in and you know what it was worth it, for anyone near me it's so much better than belfast zoo (which is also expensive) and we will be going back one day.We had a great day and other than 7.50euro's spent in the gift shop thats my spending done for today.

So now i'm mega skint!! so watch this space this week for everything i'll be doing to save pennies, as I'm off to a wedding on saturday, and i'm getting my hair done tomorrow aswell I need to jump on the moneysaving band wagon big time.

So what do you all do with the kids when it's wet? we had planned a freeish day out but sadly it was not to be and as they were off school and hubby was also off work we wanted to do something special.

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  1. i was exhausted form work the previous night so we just had a film afternoon with popcorn . It was raining here to so not really suitable weather to go out for the day.