Friday, 24 May 2013

Cooking for the freezer- lazy sausage and bean casarole

I never buy full price sausages!! i got 20 sausages for £1.73 at the start of the week thats half price. me and hubby had 4 for dinner and the kids had one each with cauliflower cheese so i had 13 sausages to use, here my recipe for lazy sausage casarole in the slowcooker, i have included some costings but this is just the prices i have paid and depending on what sites you use, shops and brands the costs could be more, or less. (the picture above is the leftovers hubby had it dished out before i managed a photo)

chopped sausages (i don't bother browning them) £1.12

1 1/2 tins of baked beans- i use branstons and buy on offer, i used half a tin as it was left from the childs beans on toast, this would also work well with kidney beans or any dried beans you want to soak first 47p

sausage casarole mix- bought in bulk from approved foods 16p - you can replace this with a tin of tom and a few spices, just this is cheaper for me.

tin of tesco baby carrots 19p (these used to be cheaper than value tinned carrots now they've jumped up in price i will be buying value i keep these in for a back up or lazy days)

handful of value frozen peas and sweetcorn 10p

Total cost= £2.04 this made 3 portions for the 3 kids should ahve made 4 but hubby piled the plates high, making it 68p a portion.

My kids had this with mash, you can have it with rice aswell or pasta but i think the mixture of textures with pasta is strange.

2 portions are in the freezer for another day, along with 5 portions of spag bol, my kids love spag bol and i love all the hidden veg in it, next time i make a batch i'll post my recipe.

So does anyone else cook extra for the freezer? Maybe if your really lucky i'll give you a peek inside my freezer, it's jam packed with homemade frozen food, weightwatchers meals (3 for £3 in iceland and great for lunches) and yellow sticker items.

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  1. looks yummy am on a similar mission to you and have only just found your blog your doing an ace job keep it up and you will have your new house x