Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Cornflake coated chicken.

Hello everyone, yesterday i made cornflake coated chicken, it was alot crispier than normal breadcrumbs.

To make it you need..

Flour -you can use plain as a general rule i use SR for everything.
Chicken breasts- 2 did all of us.
Seasoning-i used season all, garlic salt and pepper.
Milk or an egg.

Pop your cornflakes in a blender, i can never judge how many i need right and always end up with loads left or run out so i do it in 2 halves, about 30g in each half.

Pulse it until you end up with something that looks like this.
You also need a beaten egg, or as i didn't have any i used milk., Mix a few table spoons of flour with a sprinkle of spices in a bowl aswell.
Then it's onto the chicken breasts, wrap these between 2 sheets of grease proof paper and beat them witha  rolling pin to make the meat go further, here you can see the size of one not squished and one squished.
This is the other one after i'd squished it.
Now you cut your chicken up into strips (or you can do a whole breast if you like). Dip into the flour, then egg/milk, then cornflakes and repeat, set them onto an oiled oven tray, they should look like this

I got 2 trays this size from my 2 breasts.Cook at 180 for 30-40mins and they should come out looking like this.
These are very nice if a little bit dry, they would be lovely covered in a curry sauce, or with cheese added to teh breadcrumbs.



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