Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Homemade mini pizzas.

When I was little I used to love those pizza finger thing, but they have been discontinued I think and aswell as that were very expensive a good offer on them would be £1 for 8-10 fingers!

So now I'm making my own version.

Flour 250g-I use self raising for eveything. =8p
oil 1 table spoon (you can use any fat, if using a hard fat i do half the amount of fat to flour so 100g you can use more or less) 10p
yeast- 8p
passata (I used under half a jar) 34p
cheese (I used 1/3 bag, normally i use value grated so even better value) 50p
salt 1p
dried herbs (i added these on a whim you don't need them) 3p

Total cost £114, this made 36 so 3p each, 4 is more than enough for lunch.

Add 200g flour to a large bowl, add salt and yeast (and herbs if using any), mix, make a well, add oil, mix, add warm water until you get a dough like consistancy, I do this by eye so I'm no help but I used a small mug. it should form a ball and your bowl should be pretty clean. your dough should be sticky but not so much as it leaves lumps behind when you handle it.This is mine

Leave it somewhere warm with a towel over it for around 30mins-half an hr (I collected the child from nursery)

When you come back knock it down(just knock the air out of it but kneading), you can allow to rise again but I didn't.

Flour your bench/board and oven trays and turn you oven on to 180.

Turn your dough onto the bench, cut into 2 for ease. roll nice and thin if you like crispy bases like us. If you prefer deep pan style pizzas you will get less pizzas aswell. Cut to size, I used a pasty cutter you can use anything you like, a small glass would work well, or you can form into small balls and just push them down on the tray. Make sure to flour you bench well as a few of mine got stuck, keep going until you run out of dough.If your having a deep pan style you need to bake the bases slightly before you add the toppings so pop into the oven now for 10-15mins until it feels slightly hard when you press on it.

Add passata you don't need much, mine has less than  half a teaspoon on each, spead it with the back of your spoon, add a tiny bit of cheese

Trust me this is plenty of cheese!

Then it's as simple as straight in then oven 7-10mins will he do it depending on the size of your pizza.

Told you it was enough cheese :)

Value cheese and passata would make this alot cheaper at just 63p for the whole lot!

Add sweetcorn, mushrooms and peppers to make it more healthy.

Making a pasta style sauce with hidden veggies and using it in place of the passata is a great way to sneak some veggies into your kids.

You will always have leftover dough unless your rolling it into balls, add abit of cheese to this and some passata mix it well in your hands and cook it for a mini dough ball :)

These are yummy cold aswell so can be popped into lunch boxes.

To freeze simply open freeze on a tray and not in a bag, when frozen pop off the tray and into a bag that way they won't stick together, these freeze great if they last long enough.

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