Saturday, 27 July 2013

Easy Peasy beef casarole. Meat, Meat and more Meat!

I'm a lazy cook! I buy preperpared veg if it's reduced, I don't peel carrots and I love my slowcooker because it means i can throw stuff in and walk away.

Doesn't this look yummy?

It was made using

Tesco value frying steak which was dated yesterday so needed used £2.30
Reduced spring onions, 2 bags at 10p each- 20p
1/3 bag of carrots from lidl 30p
season all, pakrika and garlic salt 10p

Total cost £2.90

The kids had this for dinner with a few value potatoes mashed, there is enough left to freeze 2 sets of dinner for them so 9 kids meals in total  making it 32p per portion.

I have no issues using tesco value meat for things like this, it's a nice cut of meat with just enough fat to make it tender in the slowcooker. I tried acually frying it once, it was so tough the dogs got it.

I don't use all value meat tho, I get my mince in a meatpack from the asda meat counter it's 3% fat and yummy, I posted about it in another post. I bought some turket mince in tesco's yesterday to make turkey meatloaf during the week aswell.

I buy bags of tesco frozen chicken portions, these are just chicken and water, the value chicken breasts have nasties added so i avoid these.

All the rest of my meat is bulk bought from a local meat supplier. Today we took the kids to a toy shop so the youngest could spend his birthday money. The meat place is on the way back so we stopped. We couldn't really afford this and it went on the creditcard but i would have wanted to go in a weeks time so this way saves on desil.

These chicken breasts are fantastic, i've been using asda ones for a few weeks now and have really been missing these, they have no added water so don't shrink they are massive 2 can feed all 5 of us in a casarole or stew and 3 feeds us as a roast. There is usually 24 in these packs and it cost me £19 i will freeze them in bags of 3.

We love gammon, it rarely gets a chance to cool as we nibble as it's cooling. Tesco value gammon is £3.78 per kg, this gammon is £2.78 thats a whole £1 cheaper! this roast would have cost me nearly £3 more in tesco, and tesco's gammon is 87% pork! I will cut this gammon into 3 and freeze it as like i said we love gammon abit too much, if i cooked this as it is i wouldn't even get 2 meals from it!

We like our meat, as we are on high protein diets we need alot of meat but shopping around really does help. As a general rule i try to spend no more than £3 for a dinners worth of meat no matter where i buy it, all this meat fits into that. Sometimes i buy 3 for £10 meats as we like the meatballs, however teamed with cheap passata and spagetti as a meal it comes under £4...can't complian at 80 per head.

The casaroles cooling, i will freeze it tomorrow. I will also be cooking and freezing 2 packets or preprepared reduced swede i got for 10p each which i will serve with the casarole in place of mash.

Hope you all have a great weekend and try to to spend too much.

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