Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Hello everyone, pretty new to blog land (i do read plenty tho) so bare with me while i get used to it and ignore my spelling mistakes and typo's :) .

Bit about me I'm married with 3 kids(6 year old twins and a nearly 4 year old), as a family our goal is to try and build our own home...without a loan or mortgage! hence the title of my blog, we will hopefully be showing you how we get there with meal plans, saving ideas and eventually building work. At the moment we are renting from family and saving as much as we can.

So thats it for now, for a start i'm hoping to so the moneysupermarket £30 ways to save £1 i think it may be too late to get the free £30 however it will be a good place to start and give you all a few ideas of what we do to save money.

Over and out for now Siandy.

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