Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Puddings !!!

First off happy new year everyone. I haven't been being very frugal hence the lack of posts. Still house hunting and now hopefully back to savings pennies.

Today i want to talk about puddings, we all love puddings don't we, I am trying to be healthy and avoid puddings but my kids still like them and since they rarely sit still and could do with fattening up they get them often. That doesn't mean they get a huge lump of cake tho a small pre portioned pudding is the way to go for busy mums and that exactly  what I've been doing today.

These were 12p and 13p from approved foods. you need milk for the butter scotch pudding I got fresh milk reduced but you can use dried milk if you wish.

This is pretty easy, stick the kettle on.

Add 250ml of milk to a jug throw in your butterscotch mixture, whisk it up add to containers like so.

Rinse jug, add half a pint of boiling water, add the jelly mixture whisk up, fill to one pint with cool water and decant into wee pots.

Put lids on all your pots and put them in the fridge.

Job done, 9 puddings in the time it takes for the kettle to boil.

The butterscotch costs about 9p a pot including fresh milk.

The jelly costs just 2p a tub.

I have a few more puddings here,

Slowcooker bread and butter pudding

Microwave sponge

Slowcooker rice pudding

Cheats fairy cakes

So what's your favourite dessert or pudding?

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