Friday, 14 June 2013

The cinema is so expensive when you have kids.....or is it?

Hi all, the weather here is just awful and now it's the weekend I'm thinking of how to keep the kids busy. Now the thought of taking a family of 5 to the cinema makes most people cringe but my kids love the cinema and we go regularly heres how i keep the prices down.

Kids club/happy hour- Several cinemas here do a deal in a saturday morning where it costs £2 per child and we get an adult free so we will bring a friend if they want to aswell all for just £6! We are going to see the croods and we will go see epic in the summer holidays so these are pretty new releases (usually about 6-8 weeks from release, the croods have been on offer for ages we've just been too busy to take them)

Popcorn is really dear in the cinema so i use this

These are 4 for £1 in homebargains so just 25p this makes loads I'll bag half of it up into 3 bags each for the kids so total cost of popcorn 12p! The kids will prob eat the other half of teh bag on sunday.

Drinks in the cinema are also really dear and massive, so we will be going for the cheaper option and bringing our own.

3 for £1 cokes for me and hubby and the kids will have squash made with value squash, total cost of drinks 80p!

And finally some sweets

We picked these up on poundland last week, theres about half the bag left so say 50p the kids will get about 5 of those wee chew bars each.

Me and hubby are dieting so nothing other than coke for us, i usually get us a box of malteasers or a big toblerone from poundland to share when we go to the cinema.

Tickets= £6
Popcorn= 12p
Drinks= 80p

Total cost= £7.42

This just proves that with the right mindframe and planning trips like the cinema can be squeezed into most peoples budget.

I hope you all have a great weeked, I'm working all weekend, going to go to the gym (need to get my moneys worth) then the cinema ofcourse and on sunday we plan a lazy day or a walk and dinner at the inlaws. Whats everyones plans?

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  1. Have just been pottering about this morning taking it easy have got work later followed by a film night with the little darlings. Hoping for good weather tomorrow and have a nice trip out somewhere followed by karens lasagne for tea.